Smart Seam Logo Concept Designs

Auto Expressions_Smart Seam Logos

Concept designs for new auto accessory product for Auto Expressions. This was the discovery and concepting phase.

Auto Expressions_Smart Seam Logos
Auto Expressions_Smart Seam Logo Concepts

Disney Credit Card Designs

While working on the rebranding of, I was asked to come up with credit card designs. They went with the one with Mickey jumping. That was my favorite as well. Credit Card Design 1 Credit Card Design 1 Credit Card Design 2 Credit Card Design 2

Toyota TQEC Division Logo

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Logos and Branding style guides and standards Logo Concepts

While at Disney, I have created logos, Style Guides and other Iconic graphics. Here is a sample of some of that work. Logo Concepts
Concepts for Logos 2
Logo Concepts for