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My name is Seen and I’m a holistic designer.

I have 25+ years of experience as a successful Art Director, Print & Web Designer, Graphic Designer, and Design Manager.

My experience includes leading creative design teams working with C-level clientele.

I have produced over 250 catalogs, dozens of commercial and boutique websites, created and managed marketing campaigns for email and social media campaigns, videos, and presentations.

Additionally, I’ve created thousands of designs building brands from the ground up to reimagining corporate identities. I have created packaging and products sold in all major retailers. I am very passionate about creating great work and love working with and mentoring other designers.

I like Sleek & Stylish, Bold & Brash, Colorful & Cool. But every project is unique.

I listen to my client’s needs and deliver solutions.

I’m passionate about my work and creating something impactful.

The thing that drives my work and design, is results.

The one thing I’ve learned in over 25 years in Design, Marketing and Advertising

Never stop learning!

These nice words mean everything to me.

  • Seen's influence at Inline Distributing Company is far reaching, whether that's as a brand manager, a strategic thinker, a creative director or a get-it-done doer. Seen is one of the most business-minded creatives I've ever worked with. He is insightful and fearless in his pursuit of new ideas and the unexpected solution. His ability to take a consumer insight and bring it to life creatively is exceptional.

    Scott Bader - Owner Inline Distributing Company
  • I have known and worked with Seen for well over 10 years. He is a true professional and holds many strengths. Not only is he a talented designer, but he is also a strong Creative Director and product designer. He is dependable, humble, patient, flexible, understands the needs of his clients and delivers each and every time. He truly is a pleasure to work with and I appreciate him as an individual and as a professional.

    Maral Petrus Kraco Enterprises Creative Director
  • Has anyone ever had so many logos and all of them so good?  No, I think not... You rock, Seen! Oh Seen!  As usual, you take my little scribblings and create works of ART! LOVE, love, love it!  ...truly amazing!

    Jill C Brooke President, BAWIFM Board
  • Seen’s leadership, planning and organization drove positive change and results in our catalog program. He enhanced production planning which resulted in substantial process improvements. Moreover, he maintained a highly complex and high volume production schedule flawlessly despite staff vacancies or learning curves. Seen would be an asset to any program requiring a seasoned creative professional.

    Mark Salek - VP of Direct Marketing Lamps Plus
  • The Inline catalog that Seen produced turned out exceptional.  We are more than pleased with the feedback we are getting from customers. Our website was substantially improved as a result of your designs and first hand knowledge of internet marketing.  Your diligence and professionalism made working with you a pleasure.

    Clayton Walls C.C.O. Inline Distributing Company
  • Having Seen on your team will bring a satisfaction and guarantee that everything is under control. From concept to fruition he brings 100% professionalism, creativity, experience, and an amazing work ethic, while producing results quickly and efficiently.

    Tim VandeSteeg - CEO/Producer Indiewood Pictures
  • I've worked with Seen for over a decade and his designs always delight me. Whether he's designing websites, posters, social media images, key art, or merchandise, I can always count on him to find a creative and artistic solution that works better than I could imagine. Seen collaborates well with others and maintains focus on how his designs can foster engagement, education, and action toward the big picture. I've recommended Seen to colleagues for years and will gladly continue to do so!

    Windy Borman - Executive Producer | Director | Filmaker DVA Productions | Mary Janes Film
  • I had the pleasure of working with Seen at Disney Direct Marketing – he impressed me immediately with his creativity and can-do attitude. Seen’s help supporting Disney’s Best Guest program made a real difference – he understood the brand, knew how to optimize response, and ensure that our projects went from design to print seamlessly. He’s a great guy and a real asset to any team. I love the way he embraces creativity across print, online, film and music, and sincerely hope to be able to work with him again. I wholeheartedly recommend him.

    Mike Ridgewell Disney & Fandango - Creative Marketing Executive
  • Seen is one of my favorite hiring managers of all time. I know I'm not supposed to pick favorites, so Seen is a significant exception. Seen is a strong team leader - he provides a positive, encouraging environment for creative talent to thrive while consistently exceeding team goals. I'd highly recommend Seen to any firm seeking an excellent creative manager and to any designer looking for an inspiring mentor. Bottom line, Seen rocks.

    Drea Silva Former Recruitment and Strategy Manager at Aquent

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