About The Mary Janes Film Logo Designs:

Having worked with DVA Productions on multiple movies and social media projects in the past (“The Eyes of Thailand”, “Lights, Camera, Fem Action” and  “Get Reel”), Windy Borman (CEO of DVA Productions) tasked me with coming up with a Branding for her new film. Her description was that we needed to create a symbol and statement for female empowerment for the film. She came up with the Rosie the Riveter idea and my wife and creative partner Amy Robinson came up with the term Puffragette (a play on the term Suffragette). I merger the female symbol and a cannabis leaf to create the Puffragette symbol. All of the creative after that, came out of those 3 creative choices.

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Windy Borman, CEO of DVA Productions and Producer/Director of Mary Janes Film.

Worked with Windy to create complete branding, web, print and advertising branding and campaigns for, Social Media  for Facebook, Instragram and Twitter.

Photoshop & Illustrator

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