golden age posters for LASCM by Seen Designs

About The Los Angeles Slot Car Museum Posters and Image Restoration:

A business owner client of mine also has a thriving slot car business and is the founder of the Los Angeles Slot Car Museum. He commissioned me to create some new posters explaining the history of Slot Cars in American Life and do High Resolution Restoration of some Old Classic Posters and Images from the Golden Age of Slot Car Racing (late 60’s & early 70’s). The project was incredibly fun and rewarding because of the youthful content. It took me back to my childhood.

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The Los Angeles Slot Car Museum

Worked with Owner to create new Posters and Restore decades old images for Exhibit. Poster sizes were at least 30″ x 40″. All individual slot cars were photographed by me. All images were restored by me.

Photoshop & Illustrator. Photography.

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