Inline Distributing Company 200+ Page Catalogs

Inline Distributing Company is a leader in the world of industrial supplies for Restoration, Remediation, Disaster Response, Safety, and Construction. I’ve worked directly with the owner and other principles of Inline. They gave me the task and opportunity to create a whole new look for their company. Once it was decided upon, I began creating all marketing materials from the Catalog, to Corporate ID, Signage, Multiple Websites, Emails and Banners, All Printed Material, and even full Semi-Truck Graphics Wraps. I really enjoy working with this company and am very proud of what we’ve accomplished together. I just finished Inline Restoration & Remediation 200 page full-color catalog for Inline Distributing Company.

My working relationship started in 2010 and I’ve worked with the company ever since then.

Inline Distributing Company

Project Management, Art Direction, Copy Writing, Design, Layout, Typography, Photoshop Editing, Photography, Merchandising, 3D Modeling, Advertising & PrePress

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