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About the EloisaRestaurant.com Project:

I was contacted by Raquel Griffith, a friend, and former Disney Co-Worker and currently Project and Production Manager for Sargent-Berman in LA. They needed someone to build a new website for the Famous LA Chef John Sedlar. He recently opened up a new restaurant in his hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico and needed to get a new website up and running asap.

With Art Direction from Peter Sargent, Principle at Sargent-Berman, I took his designs and built the website with Open Table Reservations and some interesting parallax background work.

The site has just launched and already has been a hit with everyone.

Go to website: eloisarestaurant.com

John Sedlar (Eloisa Restaurant)

Create a new WordPress website based on Peter Sargent’s layouts that showcases Menu, Reservations and other important Restaurant offering. Parallax design and OpenTable Reservations.

Photoshop, Illustrator, WordPress, HTML, CSS

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