About the DVA Production Website Project:

I had previously created posters, web banners, dvd art, marketing materials and redesigned the website for the documentary “The Eyes of Thailand” which was Produced by DVA Productions and Directed by Windy Borman who is the CEO. So, when it came time for Windy to update her DVA Productions website, she came to me. She said, “do your thing” and I told her I was going to create a more up to date stylized website that would be different. So, I created a one-page homepage for her and gave her a website that showcased style and substance.

She was overjoyed with the result and gets praise for the site all the time.

I couldn’t be happier. Another happy client who let me run wild.

Go to website: dvaproductions.com

Disney Fine Art/Collector’s Editions

Create a new WordPress eCommerce website to showcase new affordable mass produced prints for their different properties. (Frozen, Mickey Mouse, Lilo & Stitch, etc.)

Photoshop, Illustrator, WordPress, HTML, CSS

Inside Page


Inside Page


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