About the BrandonHein.com Website Project:

This website project was different. I was contacted through on of Amy’s coworkers about a website that needed to be completely redone. The website was for a person I’d never heard of. Brandon Hein. Amy’s coworker said that Brandon’s father Gene wanted to discuss doing an updated version of an already existing site. I then read all about Brandon’s tragic story and the injustice of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Gene Hein told me that he would be comfortable with me doing the site the way I thought would get the message across best. I felt compelled to work extra hard on this project and make sure that Brandon’s artwork (which is the silver lining in all of this) is shown in the best light and that in some small way contributes to his transition into a successful art career when he finally throws off the shackles and gets out of prison. I’m rooting for him and you should too.

Go to website: brandonhein.com

Gene Hein (Father of Brandon Hein)

Create a new WordPress site that explains what happened to Brandon Hein and how he is overcoming his incredibly tragic situation through his art. So, I created eCommerce website to showcase his work and to help him transition into a career when he leaves prison.

Photoshop, Illustrator, WordPress, HTML, CSS, eCommerce

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