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About the Website Project: is an online hub of information and artwork for the legacy of Robert “Bob” Peak.

Bob Peak’s son Thomas Peak wanted to bring his father’s legacy to life through books, exhibits and events. The site was created with that in mind and features a small store to purchase books, a review page, an event page and an About Bob Peak page to showcase his fathers work.

• I oversaw all Creative and Production from Planning, Merchandising, Graphics & Layout on website. Website was built using WordPress and Woocommerce, featuring extras to make the shopping experience, SEO functionality and aesthetic as friendly and professional as possible.
• Created all of the (not including Bob Peak’s art) graphics for the websites, including: Logos, Sliders, Badges, Icons, and Product Images, using Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop.
• High Resolution Scans for all products to ensure highest quality products. All Adobe Photoshop work on scans and photography.
• Created marketing strategy to reach customers.
• Built and executed email campaigns to multiple lists. Created imagery for emails – using state of the art designs. Including: Web Banners, Headers and Logo Blocks.
• Created imagery for all Social Media Campaigns – using state of the art designs for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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Thomas Peak

Create a new WordPress site to showcase gallery and store for Robert “Bob” Peak that incorporates a clean, elegant style that is a hub for the legacy of Bob’s work.

Also created Email and Social Media Campaigns to coincide with releases and events related to the website.

Wordpress, WooCommerce, HTML, CSS, eCommerce, Plugins, Photoshop & Illustrator

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