Mary Janes Film – Posters & Print Advertising

About The Mary Janes Film Posters, Postcard, Print, CD, DVD and Sticker Images:

Having worked with DVA Productions on multiple movies and social media projects in the past (“The Eyes of Thailand”, “Lights, Camera, Fem Action” and  “Get Reel”), Windy Borman (CEO of DVA Productions) tasked me with coming up with a logo, website, poster/print and social media designs for her new Documentary. Here are some Social Media campaign pieces.

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Windy Borman, CEO of DVA Productions and Producer/Director of Mary Janes Film.

Worked with Windy to create complete branding, web, print and advertising branding and campaigns for, Social Media  for Facebook, Instragram and Twitter.

Photoshop & Illustrator, Constant Contact, Facebook, Google, Instagram & Twitter.

Auto Expression/Axius XL Car Cologne Labels

About the Auto Expression XL Car Cologne Labels Design Project:

These concepts were for a new car cologne called XL. They wanted the designs to be masculine and trendy, similar to Axe cologne and body wash. These were original designs that I came up with and executed.

Auto Expressions (a division of Shell Oil Co.)
The Leader in Automotive Accessories

Create New Package Designs

Illustrator & Photoshop

Solbar Label Designs

SOLBAR_sun screen label_final

SOLBAR Final Version of Sunscreen Label Designs

Solbar Label Designs

About the SOLBAR Label Project Project:

These tube label designs where created for a company called Graphic Designs Unlimited in Burbank, Ca. They said, we want some simple designs for sunscreen sold in pharmacies.
No real direction, no problem. They loved the designs and picked a winner. I love doing package designs.

Graphic Designs Unlimited in Burbank, Ca

Create label designs for their pharmaceutical client.

Photoshop & Illustrator

SOLBAR Sun Screen Label Concepts

Solbar Label Designs

Glade Auto Expressions 3D POP Displays

Auto Expressions displays their products in POPs created to showcase the product. I’ve made 3D POP displays for their new Glade Air Fresheners. Here is the final version and some other design concepts that were presented.

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