I was hired at Lamps Plus as Sr. Art Director in 2006. I was brought on to transform the newly created catalog into a high-end national catalog, that would rival all of the major lighting and furniture cataloguers in the market. I redesigned the catalog from scratch, including: New photography styling and Art Direction, Merchandising and Product flow in the catalog. Text and Design Layout, Editorial Styling, Pre-Press and Printing specs.
What we ended up with was a very well received catalog (customer reviews were glowing), and a customer base that exceeded expectations.
Below is a Flipping Book that you can open and look at all of the pages of one of the catalogs that I created for Lamps Plus. I was Art Director, Designer, Merchandiser, Pre-Press, Oversaw Printing Operations and even did a fair amount of Copy Writing. Click on the full screen icon in the bottom left to see the catalog up close.

Lamps Plus Catalog Layout
Lamps Plus Catalog Layout

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